Support the Cause

Contribute to families in need

Project Just Because helps people through the generous support of people like you! Whether by donating goods, services or funds, you are helping thousands of people in the greater Metro West community.

Individual and group volunteering keeps Project Just Because running. If you would like to volunteer at our facility, e-mail or call 508-435-6511.

Items to Donate
Each month we list what items are most needed for donation. If you have something you’d like to donate, please come by our office during the hours specified at the bottom of the page.

Furniture Network
If you have a piece of furniture you no longer need, Project Just Because has arranged a way for you to post it on our site so that those in need can get in touch with you. We do not have the room to house it in our warehouse. You will need to coordinate all arrangements with the individual that contacts you. Click here to post or browse items.