211 Emergency/Domestic Abuse

New Program: We now offer gluten-free food to children and families in Massachusetts.
To request gluten-free food, please click here

After a domestic abuse incident, house fire or other natural disaster, Project Just Because helps families get back on their feet by providing basic necessities.

This can include toiletries, clothes, and other supplies, including access to our furniture network. We keep very special comfort items just for the kids when they come out of their home and go to a safe house.

As always, this program is completely confidential and private.

This program is available year-round.

If you need help with recovering from a domestic abuse situation, please complete our general request form below:

"From the Heart" 211 Emergency/ Domestic Abuse Help Request

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Orders are ready one week from submission. If submitted on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, they will be ready one week from Monday.
You have 3 business days to pick up your order from the date it is ready.
Please ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. You will receive an email confirmation.
Note: Address information must match photo ID in order to pick up items
If the photo ID does not match the info on this form, the order will not be released at the time of pick up.
Shelter or safe house
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Info for each adult must be complete in order to process request.
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Info for each child must be complete in order to process request.
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For Women, when possible please use a number for size:example - women's 10
For Men, please specify waist x length for pants: example - men's pants 36x30
Please specify exact sizes. For example: child shirt size 8 and child pant size 10
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This information is used for funding purposes only!Your answers will not impact the fulling of your order in any way (even if you choose not to complete it). The information gathered may help Project Just Because to receive grants to further benefit those in need. Thank you!
Thank you!
If you currently live in a shelter or safe house, please list the name and contact info for the shelter/safe house.
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