Gluten-Free Food Request

Attention First Time Users: We will need Proof of Massachusetts Residency – for example a recent Utility Bill or your license, etc. before you can use the Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry.

The Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry is proud to offer gluten-free food items to residents of Massachusetts. To request gluten-free food, please use the form below. Provide us with your address and we will be able to give you items from our limited inventory. A request form can be filled out twice per month.

Project Just Because does not give any financial assistance for food or other items at any time, we are an items-only based charity.

All contact information must be complete or we will not be able to process your request!

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This information is used for funding purposes only! Your answers will not impact the fulling of your order in any way (even if you choose not to complete it). The information gathered may help Project Just Because to receive grants to further benefit those in need. Thank you!
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