Through our Holiday Sponsor Program, you can sponsor a child or family by fulfilling their full wish list or by donating a single item. This allows generous donors to help while staying within their budget. Whether you sponsor a child/family or bring in a single item, our volunteers will make sure it all gets packaged and goes directly to a child/family in need.

What is the deadline for these items?

The delivery deadline is December 16th. However, the sooner the gifts arrive, the sooner our Elves can do their job! Our hours for drop offs in December are Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm and Saturday from 10am-1pm. 

How did you come up with the lists?

Years of experience has shown that there are certain items that children need and other items they want. We combine both to make their holiday special.

Why do many packages have a gift card?

Gift cards enable the parents to be involved in the buying process (for their younger children) and allows older kids to go shopping with their friends and buy things they need. It also takes away the problem of clothes being the incorrect size and what happens if it doesn’t fit properly. Many of the teens we serve cannot afford to go to the movies or out for a slice of pizza with friends. They make excuses as to why they cannot go when the reality is it’s because they cannot afford it. Please put all gift cards in a sealed envelope and attach to the package!

Do we wrap the presents?

We ask that you do not wrap the items. Parents often feel bad enough not being able to purchase their children’s gifts. Allowing them to wrap them helps them feel a part of the process. Feel free to add in wrapping paper and we will be sure Mom and Dad get it!

Sponsor a Child or Family