Food Distribution Policies for Hopkinton Residents

Attentions First Time Users:  We will need Proof of Hopkinton Residency – for example a recent Utility Bill or your license, etc. before you can use the Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry.

Each month any family in need of food may sign up by using the Food Pantry form. Each resident will be allowed to fill out a food form every other week. At that time we will have a volunteer fill a bag with the items we have in house. We will call you when your items are ready for pick up from our location on South Street. We can only give out what has been donated to us each and every month, so if you mark an item and do not receive it, it is because the item was not available.

This request form is for non-perishable items only. You may submit your food order any day and at any hour on the website and if Project Just Because is unavailable due to vacations or other scheduling conflicts, your order will be filled on the next available business day we are open. A perishable food list is available at Project Just Because when you pick up the items you have requested below.

If at any time there is a need to have items dropped off to your door step because of illness, disability, etc., we do have a few volunteers that are able to provide this service.

Project Just Because does not give any financial assistance for food or other items at any time, we are an items-only based charity.

**** All contact information must be complete or we will not be able to process your request! ****

Hopkinton Food Pantry

Hopkinton Food Pantry is for Hopkinton residents only. If you live in another town, please contact your local town hall to find out about your food pantry.

This form is for FOOD ONLY, if you need clothing or any other items, please contact [email protected]

Food Request

(condiments are only given out every other month)
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This form is for FOOD ONLY, if you need clothing or any other items, please contact [email protected]

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This information is used for funding purposes only! Your answers will not impact the fulling of your order in any way (even if you choose not to complete it). The information gathered may help Project Just Because to receive grants to further benefit those in need. Thank you!
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